No records?
No good.

Track changes and activities on your WordPress site.

An activity log you can rely on.

WP Admin Audit monitors the security-relevant activities on your site.
The event log allows you to find out who did what at which time.

Get notified when it matters

An admin account is created at your site at 3am?
We think you should know.

Our professional editions come with a powerful email & text message notification system.
WP Admin Audit notifies you immediately via your preferred channel about security relevant activities.

The audit trail records how it happened.

Ever wondered…

  • who unpublished that blog post?
  • when the new media files were uploaded?
  • how was that weird user account created?

The event log in WP Admin Audit is your central hub to answer your questions.
Quickly find the info you’re looking for with state-of-the-art filtering and search functionality.
Follow an administrator’s journey via the activities recorded.