WP Admin Audit for WooCommerce

Extension for WP Admin Audit to provide additional sensors that can capture events in WooCommerce.

Examples of the captured events are admin activities such as publishing products or editing attributes (e.g. price, description) of a product.

Supported events

Event GroupSensorRemarks
WooCommerce ProductProduct creation
WooCommerce ProductProduct updated
WooCommerce ProductProduct trashedMoved to trash (only)
WooCommerce ProductProduct deletedPermanent deletion
WooCommerce ProductProduct published
WooCommerce ProductProduct unpublished

Other event types

The above list lists only the sensors and event types related to WooCommerce. The WordPress event log sensors and sensors of other extensions are not included.


Example of using the WP Admin Audit for WooCommerce extension

Example of using the WP Admin Audit for WooCommerce extension


Version 1.0.7
Last Updated 5 months ago
Requires WordPress 5.5
Requires PHP 5.6
Requires WP Admin Audit 1.2.5

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. The plugin is one of the most common WordPress plugins.

More information on WooCommerce
How to install WP Admin Audit extensions
  • Open WP Admin Audit,
  • navigate to Settings,
  • select the Extensions tab, and
  • install the Extension(s) from the list