Love for the WP Admin Audit extension for Contact Form 7

New extension for Contact Form 7

We are excited to announce the release of a new WP Admin Audit extension for the popular Contact Form 7 plugin.

It enables you to capture form submissions in your WordPress activity log and track changes done to Contact Form 7 plugins.
Read below for more details on the newest addition to our WP Admin Audit extension repository.

Contact Form 7 – Sensors

You can monitor two areas:

  • The first one is that the Contact Form 7 form submissions can be logged in the event log.
    So you can constantly audit past form submissions.
    Saved Contact Form 7 form submission in WP Admin Audit
  • The second area is the administrative side of things: the creation, management (updating), and deletions of Contact Form 7 forms are also logged in the WordPress activity log.
    Contact Form 7 form deleted event in WP Admin Audit

Install the extension today

If you are a user of the Contact Form 7 plugin and want to record the form submissions and form changes, simply follow the steps:

  • Go to the WP Admin Audit > Settings menu item
  • Open the Extensions tab
  • Look for Contact Form 7 in the list and click on the “Install” button, done!

About WP Admin Audit extensions

Our WP Admin Audit extensions are specifically designed to recognize and record events in third-party plugins.

Check out the extension directory to see if we have the WordPress plugins important to you already covered.
If you are missing something crucial: please get in touch so we know what to add to our roadmap.