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Replication to BetterStack

You can replicate your WordPress activity log to external logging services. The following article describes how to do this for BetterStack Logs (formerly known as Logtail), a cloud-based log management and analytics service provider.

For more information on how WP Admin Audit creates a mirror of your event log, read our general article on Replication.

Create BetterStack Logs account

Create HTTP source

  • Open the “Sources” menu item
    Logtail - Sources menu
  • Create a new HTTP source
    Logtail - Create new HTTP source
  • Open the new HTTP source with the “Edit” button
    Edit HTTP source in Logtail
  • Copy the source token to the clipboard by clicking on the token code
    Copy Logtail API token

Activate replication in WP Admin Audit

  • Open the WP Admin Audit settings
    WP Admin Audit settings
  • Select the “Replication” tab and activate the checkbox for BetterStack
  • Copy your BetterStack source token into the respective field
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