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WP Admin Audit comes equipped with a long list of sensors that cover virtually any events, at least those related to WordPress – without plugins.

Depending on the nature of your site, you will have plugins installed that are important to you / your business. An e-commerce shop has plugins like WooCommerce whereas other companies have entirely different business-critical plugins for e.g. event planning, membership, communication, etc.

We have therefore designed WP Admin Audit with flexibility in mind so that we can add sensors for 3rd-party plugins over time, but keep those separate from the main WP Admin Audit plugin. This avoids performance drawbacks in a world of virtual endless plugin choices.

With this architecture, you install extensions for WP Admin Audit to have the events happening in 3rd-party plugins important to you covered. You don’t need to install extensions for 3rd-party plugins you are not using, or which are not too important to you.

With tens of thousands of plugins available in the WordPress.org repository alone, we cannot offer an extension for all plugins.
So if you are missing an extension that comes with sensors to record the events in your favorite plugin, then please let us know so we can put it on our roadmap.

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