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Change the event severity

For each sensor, you can define the severity level of the related event.

A severity is a value to categorize the sensors’ events according to your and your site’s specifics.
For example, a user registration (user account creation) event may be very common on sites open for users. So in that case a Low or Medium severity would be appropriate. On the other hand, for sites that generally do not see any user account registrations, a High, Severe, or even Emergency severity level would make more sense.

WP Admin Audit offers six different severity levels to choose from:

EmergencyA critical event with a very high impact.
This could be used to categorize events that are successful cyber attacks.
You might choose to not assign events to the level if there is no real-world difference to the Severe level.
SevereA severe event with a potentially very high impact.
This could be used to categorize events that are likely cyber attacks.
HighA severe event with a potentially high impact.
You can use this to categorize events that require manual review by the administrator, i.e. situations that may be normal, but could also be a bad situations like the WordPress system being misused.
MediumAn event with medium impact.
The bulk of the events will not be of high importance, but you can use this level to differentiate it from the Low level.
LowA low-level event is everything happening in the system that you want to have recorded in the event log, but are essentially day-to-day situations that are normal to occur.
DebugThis severity level is not commonly used.
Its intended use is to temporarily assign events for debugging purposes.

To change the severity of an event

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Select the Sensors tab
  • Search for the sensor (either with the filter dropdown or with the search bar)
  • Once you have found the sensor, click on the sensor name to open it
  • Change the severity level with the dropdown:
    Change the sensor severity
  • Click the Save changes button

Note: changing the severity level will not affect past events (recorded in the event log), only future occurrences will be recorded with the adjusted severity

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