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Change the event severity

For each sensor, you can define the severity level of the related event.

A severity is a value to categorize the sensors’ events according to your and your site’s specifics. For example a user registration (user account creation) event may be very common on sites open for users. So in that case a Low or Medium severity would be appropriate. On the other hand, for sites that normally do not see any user account registrations, a High, Severe or even Emergency severity level would make more sense.

To change the severity of an event

  • Open the Sensors menu
  • Search for the sensor (either with the filter dropdown or with the search bar)
  • Once you have found the sensor, click on the sensor name to open it
  • Change the severity level with the dropdown:
    Change the sensor severity
  • Click the Save changes button

Note: changing the severity level will not affect past events (recorded in the event log), only future occurrences will be recorded with the adjusted severity