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The settings of WP Admin Audit can be found in the respective menu entry:

WP Admin Audit settings

The settings are divided into the following tabs:

WP Admin Audit - settings organized in tabs
  • General settings
    For customizing WP Admin Audit’s appearance and behavior.
  • Sensors
    For enabling, editing, and disabling the sensors responsible for recording the events and activities on your WordPress site.
  • Extensions
    For finding and installing extensions for WP Admin Audit to cover events in third-party plugins.
  • User accounts
    Settings to enforce periodic password changes or to auto-demote (or auto-disable) inactive accounts.
  • Replication
    To increase security and for backup purposes, you can forward the events to an external logging provider.
  • License
    For all paid editions, you need to put in the license key you have received after completing the checkout process.