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In the following table you will find all general settings of WP Admin Audit.

Retention periodDetermines how long records should be kept in the event log before they are automatically deleted.
The maximum retention period is limited in the free WP Admin Audit edition.
In other editions, you can define longer periods: up to multiple years as well as an option to keep the entries in the event log indefinitely.
Anonymize IP addressIn the context of the data stored in the event log: removes part of the IP address (for anonymization of the user) to comply with privacy regulations.
Delete data when uninstalling the pluginChecking this option will remove all WP Admin Audit related data, including your event log, configuration settings etc. upon uninstalling the plugin.
Logging levelThe logging level determines which kind of internal plugin events (e.g. an error while storing some data) should be written to WP Admin Audit’s log file.
Note this is independent from your site’s event log tracking your admin’s activities.
The purpose of the log file is that you can provide it to the WP Admin Audit tech support for review in case the plugin is not working as expected.
Log file warning size limit (MB)When this size of the log file (in megabyte) is exceeded a warning message is shown.
Force loggingDeactivates checks whether log directory is existing and log file is writable.
Use with caution! This can not work e.g. if your log path is configured wrong.