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List of sensors & event types

WP Admin Audit is able to capture many event types, both in WordPress itself and also in third-party plugins.

WordPress event types

The following list provides you with an overview of the supported WordPress events and which WP Admin Audit sensor captures them.

Each sensor can be enabled/disabled and the severity level can also be adjusted.

Event GroupSensorRemarks
CoreCore updateWordPress version update
CategoryCategory creation
CategoryCategory update
CategoryCategory deletion
CommentComment creation
CommentComment update
CommentComment deletionPermanent deletion of a comment
CommentComment trashedComment moved to trash
CommentComment restoredComment restored from trash
CommentComment approvedComment was approved
CommentComment unapprovedComment put on hold
CommentComment spammedComment marked as spam
MediaMedia creation
MediaMedia update
MediaMedia deletion
MenuMenu creation
MenuMenu update
MenuMenu deletion
OptionOption creationDeactivated by default (potentially too much irrelevant events).
OptionOption update (WP core)All updates to options belonging to the WordPress core. The list of options covered here comes from the WordPress code base.
Deactivated by default (potentially too much irrelevant events).
OptionOption update (Non-WP core)All updates done to options that do not belong to the WordPress core.
Deactivated by default (potentially too much irrelevant events).
OptionOption deletionDeactivated by default (potentially too much irrelevant events).
PluginPlugin installation
PluginPlugin update
PluginPlugin activation
PluginPlugin deactivation
PluginPlugin deletion
PostPost creation
PostPost update
PostPost published
PostPost unpublished
PostPost trashedPost moved to trash
PostPost deletionPermanent deletion of post
PostPost category updatePost’s category assignment(s) were updated
PostPost tag updatePost’s tag assignment(s) were updated
SettingGeneral settings updateWordPress general settings (e.g. site title, registration, default user role, etc.) were updated
SettingWriting settings updateWordPress writing settings (e.g. default post category, post via email, etc.) were updated
SettingReading settings updateWordPress reading settings (e.g. home page display, search engine visibility, etc.) were updated
SettingDiscussion settings updateWordPress discussion settings (e.g. comment requirements, comment notifiations, moderation key words, etc.) were updated
SettingMedia settings updateWordPress media settings (e.g. thumbnail size, upload settings, etc.) were updated
SettingPermalink settings updateWordPress permalink settings (e.g. permalink URL structure, category base, etc.) were updated
SettingPrivacy settings updateWordPress privacy settings (privacy policy page selection) were updated
TagTag creation
TagTag update
TagTag deletion
ThemeTheme installation
ThemeTheme update
ThemeTheme switch
ThemeTheme deletion
UserRegistrationThe sensor covers both self-registration and user accounts created by the administrator
UserUser update
UserLoginSuccessful login
UserLogin failedFailed login attempt
UserPassword reset
UserUser deletion
WP Admin AuditNotification creation
WP Admin AuditNotification update
WP Admin AuditNotification deletion
WP Admin AuditSensor updateSensor activation/deactivation, change of sensor severity level
WP Admin AuditSettings updateGeneral WP Admin Audit settings are changed

Third-party plugins event types

The events of third-party WordPress plugins are recorded via the WP Admin Audit extensions.

We have a separate extension repository that lists the extensions and the supported plugins.